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OutsourceOne News - July 2011

Online FSA Claim Submission - Available to all OutsourceOne Clients!

Effective September 1st, 2011, all OutsourceOne participants utilizing the online www.BenefitsPaymentSystem.com portal will be able to upload their claim requests directly to the system.  This enhancement creates a streamlined and paperless transaction for even faster reimbursements. 

ARRA Subsidy Expires - 941 Reporting discontinued as of 8/31/2011   

As the end of the ARRA premium subsidy approaches, certain assistance eligible individuals have already or will soon be coming off of their 15-month period of federal government subsidy.

Below is a summary:

ARRA's 65% COBRA premium subsidy was available to individuals who lost coverage due to involuntary termination of employment on or before May 31, 2010

The maximum length of the subsidy is 15 months

Therefore, the subsidy should end for almost everyone no later than August 31, 2011.

It is possible that terminations before May 31, 2010 that did not result in a loss of coverage until a later month could have coverage subsidized beyond August 31, 2011.

OutsourceOne will be reporting 941 amounts on employers monthly COBRA reports for payments made through the month of August 2011.

Employers can claim the subsidy through their payroll tax returns (Form 941) as late as their 4th Quarter 2011 filing (January 2012).



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