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OutsourceOne News - August 2011

OutsourceOne Partners with FSAStore.com

OutsourceOne is pleased to announce a new partnership with FSAStore.com. Our clients and their participants will be able to access and enjoy the benefits of this partnership starting September 15, 2011.


o Everything sold is FSA eligible

o Auto-adjudication of every single transaction

o No confusion on what is eligible vs. ineligible

o 4,000 products available

o Products clearly marked if prescription required

o 95% of orders are shipped in 1 day 

o Customer Service 24/7


o Discounts & coupons available exclusively with OS1  o Free shipping on orders over $50

o Competitive online pricing with no sales tax!

New HIPAA 5010 EDI File Feed Standards Required by 1/1/2012   

As a business associate and data clearinghouse, OutsourceOne uses the HIPAA EDI Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Set (834) to communicate eligibility data to insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and other related vendors.  This data set is part of a larger standardization of electronic data interchange (EDI) standards called 4010A1.  The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires all covered entities and business associates to upgrade from 4010A1 to ASC X12 version 5010 by 1/1/2012.

As stated in the CMS Fact Sheet, "The new version, Version 5010, includes structural, front matter, technical, and data content improvements.  Because the updated versions are more specific in requiring the data that is needed, collected, and transmitted in a transaction, their adoption would reduce ambiguities."

OutsourceOne has been actively working with all of our EDI trading partners to update programming, schedule testing, and finalize the new 5010 data feeds. Many of these file feeds have already been completed, and the remainder are scheduled for finalization by the 1/1/2012 deadline. New files being developed through the remainder of 2011 are being built in the 5010 format from the very beginning.

We do not anticipate any client involvement being required in the upgrade process, and OutsourceOne has chosen not to charge clients for the programming work necessary to meet the new 5010 requirements and approaching deadline.



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