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OutsourceOne News - October 2011

OutsourceOne Site Offers Suite of Benefit Plans

The Minneapolis Star Tribune published an article about the the launch of a new website by OutsourceOne, www.ekydos.com. Fewer employers are providing benefits, and with the rise of health care exchanges, more employees will be purchasing benefits on the open market. Read the full article at StarTribune.com.

IRS Announces New 2012 Limits for Transportation Benefits and Health Savings Accounts
The monthly limit on qualified transportation benefits for qualified parking provided by an employer to its employees will increase to $240 - up $10 from the 2011 limit.
However, the temporary increase in the monthly limit for transit and vanpooling expires 12/31/2011 and reverts to $125 for 2012. 

The annual allowable contribution amounts for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) will increase from the 2011 amounts. The 2012 maximums will be $3,100 for an individual and $6250 for family. Additionally, $1,000 is allowed for additional catch-up contributions for people age 55 or older.

2012 Pre-Tax Plan Maximum Contributions

Dependent Care FSA - $5000

Parking - $240 per month

Transit/Vanpool - $125 per month

Health Savings Account 

$3100 individual
$6250 family 
(Note: $1,000 for additional catch-up contributions for people age 55 or older)



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